shifting tracksLocation: Mobile, Alabama

Genre: Alternative Rock

General Manager: Bryant Gilley II

Members: Bryant Gilley- Guitars, Vocals Jason Jones- Drums Benny Tenhundfeld- Bass

Bio: Shifting Tracks is the only band of its kind. Originating out of Mobile, AL its sound reflects the bands varied tastes as well as diverse personalities.

They are recording their self-titled album at Fudge Recording Studio in New Orleans, LA. It is set to come out in 2012. Currently they are promoting their first single “What Would You do?”  Their first single, What would you do, came out in October 2011. Their self titled album will be out in 2012!

Front man Bryant Gilley has been working many years to find the right people to help his music come to life. After scraping his band "The Jackson Project" he met up with his future drummer Jason Jones in the fall of 2010 and they formed a new band "Shifting Tracks." Soon after, a seasoned bassist Benny Tenhundfeld was picked up to round out the sound and lay the foundation for them to make some major league waves. Due to their chemistry it was a quick process for the guys to start off running. Just a month after getting Ben in on the act they were hitting the studio. Both Jason (Day of the Iguana) and Benny (Slow Moses) have toured the south extensively but never have they found their perfect place till “Shifting Tracks.”

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Amazon: What Would You Do? (Promo Single) - Single

iTunes: Shifting Tracks

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