victor saulSinger/Songwriter/Guitarist, Vic Saul has been around. From his native Meridan in the center of England to Nashville, Tenn. to Ole River in Perdido Key, Saul is a regular face on the music landscape. Saul may describe himself as half Welsh/Cornish and half Lithuanian , but he fits right into the local scene, performing his brand of folk, country with a touch of blues,.or as he likes to call it "ACOUSTIC DANCE". OK, Saul's not a native, but he's certainly earned the right to be called a local songwriter, especially when he takes the stage at various venues along the Emerald Coast ,  this accomplished artist, now calling the Gulf Coast FL/AL. home, Saul has steadily carved a name out for himself from Perdido Key to West Beach in Gulf Shores, where he shares the stage with numerous acts. Like many musicians around here, Saul didn't wait for an invitation when he first arrived during the year's biggest music festival.

"I first visited this area back in 1999, when I gate-crashed the Frank Brown International Songwriters' Festival," Saul said. "This was at the invitation of another great local songwriter, Kim Carson, after we had met up in Nashville earlier that year. After touring about, all over the United States but mainly the Southeast, I really moved (to the area) what I like to call, 'lock stock and barrel' in 2003, which happened to be one day before the Frank Brown Festival of that year .Since then, Saul has appeared at the Frank Brown International Songwriters' Festival in the fall several times, composed several popular original numbers, and has amassed a small legion of local fans. But you'd have to go back to his early days, growing up over "the pond" to trace Saul's humble beginnings — and a not-so-well-known band with a legendary English guitarist who influenced Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, Cliff Richard, The Who's Pete Townsend, and Vic Saul himself ,

I was first inspired to pick up and learn the guitar at the age of 14 after listening to The Shadows with Hank Marvin on lead guitar," Saul recalls. "They are an instrumental band formed in the 1960s and still going strong today. My first full rock band was called Buckshee, and we covered the 1970s rock and roll bands, Free and Bad Company, plus we wrote our own material, too. Eventually, Saul would merge into composing his own original solo numbers. Those early lyrical efforts earned him a solo song publishing deal at age 23, with Beaumont Music at Eden Studios in Chiswick London. When he moved to the United States, Saul was inspired to compose songs about the Southeast. For Saul, two songs stand out in his repertoire.

"I'd have to mention my song, "When we Kiss," which is directly inspired by this beautiful Gulf Coast, the summer nights, and days with a certain Southern belle I met from New Orleans " he said; "Also,  my instrumental with very limited words, "Wot the Funk." That song seems to be a favorite around these parts, It's just a funky little old ditty that people seem to like .Sure, he's got a thick English accent when he speaks into the microphone, but when he plays guitar and sings, Saul is speaking the same language as the local musicians — great music. These days, except for the occasional tour, Vic Saul will remain a local fixture, popping up on stages all around the island. It's what he loves, especially when he shares the stage with his fellow local songwriters.

"I just love the Gulf Coast. I get to play with some of my brothers and sisters in arms down here too, like doing duo gigs with Lisa Christian, John Joiner, Cary Laine, Rick Whaley, Sandra Laird, Tim O'Donovan, just to name a few. Plus, I love the whole Frank Brown Festival, and the Nashville artists who come down for it. There's alot of Nashville musical refugee's down here on the Gulf Coast, but personally I think this is where all the good stuff is anyway.

"and come festival time, I get to share the stage with songwriters from outta town too, like Jim St James IN, Doug Gill and Lynn Langham outta Leipers Fork TN ,Stephen Lee Veal , Mobile AL, Maggie Brown, Mississippi.

Source:  Brian Kelly Pensacola News Journal article @


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