Born: January 25, 1963 Sheffield, AL

Lived in Franklin, TN

Contemporary Christian Industry Indelible Creative Group, Integrity Music

Source: Alabama  Music Hall of Fame

chris thomasonChris Thomason is President/CEO and Creative Architect at in:ciite media and in:cast events. in:ciite's high profile releases include films and music products with renowned artists; Gateway Worship, Don Moen, Robin Mark, Highlands Worship, Lenny LeBlanc, and Travis Cottrell. in:cast is a simulcast event company producing simulcast events for Women of Faith, Max Lucado, Rick Warren, Frances Chan, Lee Strobel, and Joel Rosenberg among others.

Prior to founding in:ciite media in 2005, Thomason spent the previous 12-years at Integrity Media home to hosanna! music, Integrity music, Integrity Gospel, Vertical music & Integrity Kids! where he served as Sr. Vice-President/General Manager/Executive producer. During his tenure, Thomason was instrumental in creating multi-platinum selling brands like iWorship & Songs4Worship and has been A&R, producer, and Executive Producer for artists / brands that have sold in excess of 40 million units worldwide. Thomason has degrees from Auburn University & Full Sail University. He is married to an amazing person who is Jean, and they have two remarkable children; Marilyn and Christopher.

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Amazon: Place of Freedom and My King Is Here and Women of Faith Presents Gateway Worship A Collection and Only One In the World

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