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We Grew up on Hip Hop and Rap Music. Our Uncle, Black Ceeza a.k.a. Don Ceasarea was a powerful influence to us when it came to Music and Street Knowledge. He molded us into who we are today! Basically after having a few brushes with the law and throwing rocks at the state penitentiary,so to speak, we finally listened to our uncle, Black Ceezar. We decided to take the profit that we had accumulated over time from burning the block and invest it in quality studio time. In other words, we had a monkey on our backs and had to shake it off in the studio. We met DJ Burn One of Atlanta one day while we at a studio session in Carrollton, GA and through him, we was able to hook up with The Legendary Bun B of the infamous UGK "Under Ground Kings and we recorded the song "Rock Music".

Currently, we are working on a project called Rocks-2-Blocks. We are actually putting the finishing touches on the soon-to-be released mixed tape/cd entitled "Rocks-2-Blocks Volume 2 which will be hosted by DJ Greg Street of Atlanta's Legendary Radio Station V103 (WVEE). This particular mixtape is a follow-up from Rocks-2-Blocks Volume 1 which was hosted by DJ Black Bill Gates also of Atlanta. "Rocks-2Blocks Volume 1" is currently available at http://www.cdbaby.com/alconnect.

We have worked with a few artists since we've been on the music scene, particularly the legendary Bun B. Working with Bun was really major and it lets you know that there is longevity in the game. You can remain in this game a long time and after being in the game as long as Bun, you can get paid big paper for just 16 bars, that's what's so amazing about it! We have worked also with Kuntry Kane of P$C, Big Duke of Boyz-N-Da Hood and Bohagon of BME. We work only with "Real Street Cats" and we tend to stay away from the "Gimmick Nword!"

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The Connect

"The Connect" is not a gang! "The Connect" is not a game! "Alabama Connect" is a "movement" and we do our best to keep it 100. We are here first of all to help all artists from The State of Alabama put ALABAMA on the map and represent our state the right way and help give The State of ALABAMA a "POWER RAISE!" "MONEY MUZIK ENT" is in here!

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MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/rocks2blocks


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