Formed in the early winter months of 2006 as a writing “project”, the members of The Judas Goat quickly discovered that their music not only captured the dark atmosphere they were trying to create for their personal satisfaction, but that it had an appeal to a much larger audience than originally expected. combine elements of Industrial, Progressive, and Goth rock to create a sound all their own. Favorably compared to A Perfect Circle, Type O Negative and Deftones, the band have been a staple to the Southeastern US club scene as one of the only true “working” bands in the area. Doubling as a modern rock cover act with a focus on showcasing their own material, TheJudasGoat are entering markets previously unbeknownst to other bands of their genre. Refusing to exist exclusively within the framework of minor market indie dives TheJudasGoat have allowed their driving work ethic to advance them into a number of more highly publicized major market venues.

The band initially released a three-song promo in March of 2006 which garnered a great deal of exposure on Myspace and among their growing legion of fans. This demo provided a foundation for the band and gave people something to embrace while waiting for the band to put the finishing touches on their first official CD. September 2007 finally saw the release of “…In Darkness...”, a powerful collection of songs dealing with the timeless issues of remorse, death, and release. Striking an ethereal chord in the realm of A Perfect Circle and Deftones “...In Darkness...” guides the listener through the inner turmoil of a spirit that is openly distraught by the pain of existence yet willing to present itself in a manner that is vulnerable yet empowering, making for a listening experience that is genuinely unmatched. Never to be cornered into the standard verse/chorus formula brandished by so many, TheJudasGoat allow ample time for beautifully polished and tasteful guitar passages, while the vocals are melodic and clean with no hints of unnecessary strain. Well constructed bass and piano lines interact gracefully with the solid percussion section keeping the esoteric flow of the music intact. Influenced by the darkest elements of Industrial, Progressive and Gothic music, the band is creating a uniquely musical portrait of the Dark Aesthetic.

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TheJudasGoat: Darkness...

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