carla williamsMobile Alabama native Carla Williams has an instantly recognizable voice that combines a very beautiful and subtle expressiveness with a powerful, emotional and honest delivery. While Carla has her own unique voice, its ability to grab your heart strings is reminiscent of great singers such as Amy Grant, Karen Carpenter, and Anne Murray. She has a sweet, pure voice that stands on its own and requires no vocal tricks or special affects. She has garnered favorable reviews from Nashville’s toughest critic, Robert K. Oermann, of Music Row and the support of major industry players.

Carla’s first CD, “I’m Home,” is full of pop colored country songs that feature the talents of legendary composer Steve Dorff and gifted lyricist and producer Milton Brown. These heartfelt songs draw you into story lines that everyone can relate to and Carla’s honest delivery makes you feel the emotions she is singing about. The first single released to radio stations, “Every Word You’re Thinking,” penned by Dorff/Brown, provides an omniscient view of the all too common problem of unfaithful relationships.

The next single to be released for radio play in the second week of July, 2009, “If I Smoke,” describes the emotions people go through when they discover their partner is cheating and cleverly suggests some ways of coping with such a discovery. This song will have you dancing and thinking at the same time as it empowers the victim in these circumstances.

Equally captivating songs from this CD are the love song “I’m Home,” which speaks more to the security of a truly loving relationship, “Mobile,” which expresses Carla’s deep affection for her home town, “Room for Doubt,” which thoughtfully expresses the insecurities we all feel in relationships sometimes, and “Hate the Lies,” which very eloquently speaks to our willingness to believe the lies that someone we love tells us.

“I’m Home” also gets you up and dancing with the great upbeat country tunes “You Rock,” and “Party at Home.” The CD nearly closes with a song called “Take it Back,” which expresses how many of us feel when we give everything we have in a relationship and get nothing in return.

Carla’s life long passion for music and dreams of making singing her career has culminated with an exceptional first CD. With the music and production of Steve Dorff, one of the best composers of the last several decades and Milton Brown, one of the most talented writers out there and her pure, spiritual voice, Carla is well on her way to becoming an angel for our radios!

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iTunes: I'm Home - Carla Williams

Amazon: I'm Home (Carla Williams) CD 2008 CSM Productions with 10 tracks and If I Smoked

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