Location: Guntersville (The Beautiful Lake City)

Genre/Style: Alternative Southern Rock

Booking: 256-505-4601

Members: Damon"Mason" Wildman, Keith"Wasted" Mahathey and Mark"Biggus Diccus"Underwood.

wasted mason Wasted Mason's story goes back a few moons, dog years, century's, weeks, hours I really don't recall for sure. Being the originator of Wasted Mason, let me introduce myself. I am Damon Wildman. Born to a poor stone/brick mason and his wife affectionately known to me as "mother".

Now that you have the "Mason" part of our name understood let's move on to the "Wasted" part of our name. Or do we really need to lay it out as It is pretty much explanatory. Especially if you are wasted. You lay rock, you hang rock and then you celebrate the end of the day with a congratulatory alcoholic beverage of choice. Bingo!!!

Now comes the meat of our story. In the beginning! Where have I heard that line before??? Anyway, I hooked up with Keith Mahathey who played drums then but now plays guitar and he hooked us up with Mark Underwood to play drums.

Who are we you may ask? Well I'm still trying to figure that out myself. When I first met Keith he was drumming for another band which he left to join my band and play for us. Who is us??? You don't want to know!!!

Well that band dissolved shortly after but I owed Keith a bunch of money so he figured rightly that he'd better stick with me if he was ever going to see a cent of it back, which he's still waiting on. Since I had him in a cod lock he decided that now was the time to shoot for his real dream to play guitar. That's where Mark comes in.

Mark was just fine to be a groupy but Keith told him outrageous stories of how women practically raped muscians. Not to mention a set of drums Keith was trying to unload,(to buy that Les Paul),enticed Mark into taking the plunge. Keith gave Mark a lesson or two then let him go without a thank you or anything. But as it turned out it only made Mark's resolve to play the drums that much stronger. He then joined a band and they played for awhile untill a drug bust sent everyone of them except for Mark to the pen. Their loss our gain.

"Wasted Mason" has self released the cd "Empty Bottles Shattered Dreams", a 10 song compilation.

"Wasted Mason" has performed live with several top regional bands, "Lynam", "Eyes Around", "Redd Letters","Browns Creek", "Vintage Stone", "Uncrowned", "Year And A Day", "HalfDown Thomas", "Sciatica" and "Shadows Of Light" among others within the past year.

"Wasted Mason" is also involved in promoting concerts with the "Riverside Rockfest '06" coming in late July on Beautiful Guntersville Lake in Guntersville AL.

"Wasted Mason" is a party band who enjoys performing and seeing people have a good time. Our goal is not to conquer the world but to make the world a much funner place to be. We live to get Wasted!

"Wasted Mason" performs on a regular basis at "Adrians" in Guntersville, AL., 256-582-3106, our home away from home.


iTunes; Wasted Mason

Amazon: Wasted Mason

Wasted Mason: Empty Bottles, Shattered Dreams

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