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Bluegrass Banjo Clair Lynch

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

1976, formed the Homemade String Band at age 16. Won the North Alabama Banjo Championship. 1978, joined the Front Porch String Band and performed on their landmark debut album (1980). Has also worked with the Lonesome River Band, Mark Johnson and Clawgrass, Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike. 2002, formed his own “Allen Watkins Band” with his wife Anne. Has also performed with his wife in a group called “The Other Guise.”

Source: http://www.waynerice.com/bgbios/bgbiosw.htm

Reviews of Allen Watkins: Light of the Crescent Moon

"An alumnus of the Front Porch String Band and the Lonesome River Band, Watkins' most recent solo album is a collection of distinctive original pieces for banjo, grafting often fiendishly tricky passages to rich, infectious melody. His is a major talent deserving far wider recognition." -- David Royko, The Chicago Tribune.

"If exceptional banjo-pickin' is your thing, you won't find a more enjoyable listening experience than Allen Watkins' Light of the Crescent Moon (Battleground Records). Watkins is a banjoist extraordinaire, and he shows you why on twelve instrumentals, many of his own making. The title tune, "Light of the Crescent Moon," is a knock-out, and I can't get enought of the last tune on the CD, "Bailey." If you don't buy another banjo CD this year, don't pass this one by." -- Mitch Finley, Inland Northwest Bluegrass Association.

"Watkins' banjo style is solid and driving, anchored in Scruggs basics, but he also uses melodic components and some very effective arranging to great advantage. Combined wiht his ear for a good melody, it makes this a very engaging instrumental release." -- Allan Walton, Bluegrass Unlimited.

Source: http://www.lasysinc.com/Country_Music/Bluegrass_Music/ALLEN_WATKINS_Light_of_the_Crescent_Moon.html

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Allmusic Credits: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/allen-watkins-mn0001260692/credits

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