Born: Nashville, TN

Lived in Rogersville, AL

Country Songwriter Roger Murrah

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

phillip whitePhillip White grew up in Rogersville, AL after his family moved there from Nashville when he was three. Phillip’s cousin Spooner Oldham played an influential role in his music career both through inspiration and industry connections. Phillip accompanied Spooner on a trip to Nashville where he was hired for a session and met co-writer and future employer J. Aaron Brown. Brown soon hired Phillip as a manger for his publishing company giving him a reason to move to town. A soon developed relationship with co-writer Blue Miller gave Phillip the connections and confidence he needed to make it in Nashville. In his own words, “I was so fortunate because I moved to town with a job. Soon after that I met Blue and watching his success helped me not be so intimidated by the business, because I kept thinking ‘we’re getting holds on our songs so we must be doing something right.’ It gave me confidence.” While employed at Brown's company, Phillip co-wrote the title cut of the Grammy-nominated children's album, "Love Songs And Lullabies," with a co-worker named Amber Leigh. She would later become his wife.

Phillip soon began writing with the legendary Roger Murrah who signed him in 1996 as a staff writer to his company Murrah Music. Phillip was reunited with Paul Compton who is Senior VP for Murrah Music and was an old college buddy of Phillip’s from Calhoun Community College in Decatur, AL. Phillip’s major hits came soon after signing with Murrah including such songs as “I’m A Survivor” and “He Gets That From Me” by Reba McEntire, “Nobody But Me” by Blake Shelton, “Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On” by Neal McCoy, and Academy of Country Music song of the year “I’m Movin’ On” by Rascal Flatts. Phillip has also had cuts by such esteemed artists as Blackhawk, Tanya Tucker, George Strait, Gary Allan, Luke Bryan, Kenny Rogers, Sonja Isaacs, Chris Ledoux, Brian McComas, and Chalee Tennison. Phillip currently writes for the Nashville branch of Disney Music Publishing and Oglesby Writer Management.

Source: MySpace page


The road to songwriter 'stardom' can take various forms and for Phillip White it seemingly took the 'short route.' Born in Nashville but raised in a town nearby, the writer of Reba McEntire's "I'm A Survivor" was hired as a manager of a publishing company after he graduated high school. Inspired by Paul Overstreet to write, it wasn't long before Phillip was writing with his idol. Shortly after that, Phillip was writing with renowned songwriter Roger Murrah, who eventually offered Phillip a songwriting staff job in the mid 1990s. It has been White's time as a writer with Murrah Music Group that saw him bloom into a 'known' commodity.

In 2000 a song that Phillip wrote with D. Vincent Williams was placed on Rascal Flatts' debut self-titled record. That song, "I'm Movin' On," became the group's first No. 1, and eventually won both writers "Academy of Country Music" Song Of The Year accolades. Among the songs from Phillip's catalog are Neal McCoy's Top 10 hit "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On," Reba's Top 10 hit "He Gets That From Me," Blake Shelton's Top 10 hit "Nobody But Me," Trent Willmon's current hit "On Again Tonight" and cuts on records by artists like Gary Allan, Neal Coty, George Strait, Blackhawk, The Blue Dogs, Chris LeDoux, Brian McComas, Rachel Proctor and Kevin Sharp, Tanya Tucker, Chalee Tennison and Kenny Rogers. Many of Phillip's latest hits have been co-published through his own publishing company "Texabama Music" since 2002. With a steady pen writing top hits Phillip White should continue to write hits for years to come.



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iTunes: Reba McEntire: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 - I'm a Survivor - Reba McEntire and Rascal Flatts - Rascal Flatts and The Very Best of Neal McCoy - Neal McCoy and Room to Breathe - Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton's Barn and Grill - Blake Shelton and On Again Tonight - Single - Trent Willmon

Amazon: I'm A Survivor and I'm Movin' On and Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On and He Gets That From Me and Nobody But Me and On Again Tonight

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