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krystye wilson

The Krystye Wilson Band - A Wonderfully, Wild Show

Sunday, June 08, 2003 - by Jay Mouton

Got Blues? Got Rock? Both musical styles are combined with power and a wild card within the Krystye Wilson Band. Saturday night's show was no exception - Krystye Wilson's Band kicked and made a hot, Chattanoogan night even hotter.

I've seen some energetic shows in my life, but Krystye gets my "belt-out-yer-boogie-blues" award. I don't remember the last time I've seen anyone move as much on a stage. This woman could give Richard Simmons a run for his money - and she can sing! All I know is that Krystye will not have to worry about the couch potato syndrome - she's got "all the right moves."

The Krystye Wilson Band consists of a talented number of individuals who have banded together for our both their and our pleasure. Do you like an array of instruments to feed your musical palette? The Krystye Wilson Band tackles the basic blues/rock lineup of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.

But, the band has an ace in the hole with a fellow who plays fiddle, harp (harmonica for non-aficionados of music) and, of all things I've not seen for years in any band, a lap-steel (a guitar played on one's lap) and who knows what else? There's a saying in the music business we use when a band plays very well together. The saying is a real complement. We say the band is "tight." Well, let me assure you that the Krystye Wilson Band is "tight."

But don't take my word about how good this band is. I talked to a few folks in the audience. One lady's young son was taking percussion lessons from drummer Bill Brewer -that kid's going far. Brewer is a power-house of a drummer, with enough control that he's not all over everything all the time, but you're gonna know he's there. And ask Dayton, Ohio, resident Mike Putterball if he thinks the band is hot. He's been coming down to Riverbend for nearly 15 years and he told me they were "hot."

Wilson's band forte' happens to be original songs. They've got a CD out that contains a number of the songs they played last night. As far as cover songs go they did a kickin' version of The Rolling Stone's song "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Krystye's vocal talents handled Etta James cover of the old classic "Hound Dog." If I had to compare Krystye's vocals to a few names some might recognize I would say I heard strains of Janis Joplin and Edie Brickell - I'd say both are pretty good company.

The Krystye Wilson Band put on a wild, rollicking ride filled with mucho energy and fun. You missed Saturday night's show, but if you get a chance check them out at their next venue around Chattanooga.


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