Born: Bristol, TN

Lived in: Montgomery, AL

Pop Vocals, Piano Tommy Shaw

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Born January 5th, 1950 in Bristol, Tennessee. At 1 yr. old I already knew to show off my great legs. We moved to Montgomery, Alabama when I was 6 where I went to the now burned-down Capitol Heights Elementary School ( I did not light the match). I was so into Roy Rogers that I began to sign my school work as Roy Wohlford. They didn't go along with it but I still had the look. While going to a Pentecostal church in downtown Montgomery I heard that trumpet players were the best kissers in the world. In the 8th grade, at Goodwyn Jr. High, I signed up for the Band elective - trumpet. Here I am at the Lee High School practice field playing trumpet for all the girls. There weren't actually any girls there, but I thought if I stood there long enough, there might be. I found out girls like singers, too so we started a singing group called 'The Girl Watchers'. Some people thought I was preoccupied with girls, butt . . . . We were VERY cool, as you can see for yourself. Here is a recording of Yesterday and Softly, As I Leave You . Please note the expert and superior pronunciaciotions of ever damn word.

During this time I played with Rod Henley's dance band and started my first rock band called . . . . .

'The Sweet Nothin's' with Rickey Parson's on keyboard ( later known as Jabbo Stokes) , Skip Taylor on Bass , Steve Stewart on guitar (who later moved to California and wrote a hit song for the Sanford - Townsend Band called 'Smoke From A Distant Fire'), and Charles Casmus on drums (no picture available). After graduating from Lee, I followed band director Johnny Long from Lee to Troy State University. After a year and a half, Donna Wilkinson and I were married and Robin, my first child, was born.

We moved back to Montgomery and I began playing at the Top Of The Stars (on top of the old Holiday Inn Downtown, later Cowboy's) with a group called 'Rain' with, left to right, Richard Knight, Donnie Sheehan, me, Jimbo Jones, and Ray Goss ( nice shirts, huh). Here is a link to us playing Pretty Girl Why (Buffalo Springfield), It's a Beautiful Day (a spoof break song that we made up one night [although I forget which night and why]), and a break song Jammm.

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