coleman woodson IIIColeman Woodson III is an saxophonist and pianist residing near Montgomery. He is a founding member of the band, Just A Few Cats, the group from which American Idol Ruben Studdard emerged. He studied Music Technology under Henry Panion, Michael Angell and Ray Reach at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is also a member of the Night Flight Big Band, directed by trumpeter Mart Avant.

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COLEMAN WOODSON and TIM GEORGE of “Just A Few Cats” (Reuben Studdard's backup band) - Coleman and Tim were members of Ray Reach's Jazz Ensemble at UAB, Coleman on Lead Alto Sax and Tim on drums.


Just A Few Cats first came together in the spring of 2000 to compete as a jazz band in a collegiate talent show. And with a funky rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” The Cats were victorious. While performing at a local festival, a cool, plump cat approached the band about becoming its lead singer, and that cat was Ruben Studdard. With the addition of the Big Cat’s silky-smooth voice and powerful stage presence, the band became a local sensation within Birmingham and surrounding areas.

As a newly evolved R and B and Soul band, Just A Few Cats claimed their spot as the hottest new band in the 205. Then in January of 2003, their lead singer, Ruben, went off to Hollywood to eventually become the second American Idol. After Ruben’s victory, Alvin “Cornbread” Garrett joined Ruben on the American Idol 2 Tour as the bass guitarist. Shortly after the tour, the two joined back up with the rest of The Cats and hit the road. With Cornbread as the music director and the band as the supporting cast, Ruben showcased his performance abilities to the world. Now after two year of being the supporting cast for Ruben, Just A Few Cats has stepped their game up with their own debut album, CATastrophunk.

The overall tone of CATastrophunk is playful; but with lyrical ingenuity and instrumental creativity, this CD truly sets a soulful “CATmosphere.” Cornbread, the bass guitarist turned vocalist/writer/producer, will no doubt surprise The Cats’ fans, and capture the hearts of others, with his free-streaming drift of passionate vocals. Who knew this Cat could really sing? The album also readily introduces Terrence “T-Nasty” Baldwin, the silky-rich voice that has held down lead vocals for The Cats since the Big Cat’s promotion in 2003. Written, produced and mixed by The Cats, with the help of talented master mixer and regular keyboardist, John Jackson,crystal clear melodies on CATastrophunk will no doubt leave you breathless and wanting to hang in the alley with Just A Few Cats.

“Just A Few Cats is where I got my start. We always knew that we were destined for something great. First, it was me; now, it’s my band. This is a beautiful thing, man.”

Ruben Studdard




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