doobie doghouse wilsonDoobie 'Doghouse' Wilson (vocal, guitar, and other instruments)

Based in Tuscaloosa, AL

Business contact: Alan Lane

Address: 4700 Riva Ridge Dr, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

Phone: 205-331-3117

Genre: Blues, rock, ballads, covers and originals

Discography: label Wet Dog Productions, Merry Christmas, Baby! (2006), One More Time (2008), Too Wet for Comfort (2010), Ride the Bus (2011)

I started playing guitar and writing songs way back in 8th grade - could that have been 1967!? Anyway, in the summer of 2001 and in my late 40's I decided that if I didn't get out of my basement studio and start playing in public - well, I never would. So I started attending the Songwriter's Night at Hales' Tavern near UA in Tuscaloosa. It featured some great singer-songwriters, a small, appreciative audience, and an intimate atmosphere. After a few months I worked up the courage to bring my guitar and give it a try.

I forgot that school would start that week. As I approached the door, I could see the place was packed shoulder-to-shoulder. Narrowly averting a panic attack, I made my way to the signup sheet. When my name was called, I forced myself to get up on stage and perform three of my favorite original songs. I got a great reception from the (mostly) college students and from that night on take real pleasure in entertaining people with my music. After Hales' Tavern closed, I discovered Rick Carter's Guitar Pull in Birmingham. Every other Monday night I would drive over and they would reserve the #3 spot for me. I was particularly encouraged and mentored by Rick, a regional favorite and a member of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. The Guitar Pull regularly attracted terrific performers including Bo Bice and Taylor Hicks who would go on to American Idol fame. The list of venues that I have played is now astonishingly long for an amatuer musician.

Several musicians have been particularly influential in my musical development. The Hales' Tavern artists, and I'll give a shout out to Jason Herndon, Ham Bagby, and Stuart McNair, really got me started. Rick Carter, of course, introduced me to many great musicians and their influence at the Guitar Pull. The members of my two bands, PhD'Licious (Mike Rives, Gene Falls, Norm Baldwin, and Kevin Wittaker) and The Yard Dogs (Adam Guthrie, Grey, and Chris Johnson) have given me much support and contribute tracks to some of my recordings.

In 2006, I discovered recording software and web hosting services like ReverbNation (at first I used Musicians no longer need professional studios and record labels to record their music and distribute it to the world. I have now published three albums: Merry Christmas, Baby! (2006), One More Time (2008), and Too Wet for Comfort (2010). These are all free downloads on my web site.  A new album, Ride the Bus, is dedicated to the Freedom Riders who integrated the bus system 50 years ago.

I am also a Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at The University of Alabama. I have worked for Union Carbide Corporation (polymerization processes, 1984-1986), Battelle’s Pacific Northwest Laboratories (nuclear waste treatment, 1977-1979) and Pacific Northwest Testing Laboratories (ASTM testing, summers 1968-1976). I have been a visiting scholar at Boise Cascade Corp. (dioxin from pulp bleaching, 1990), Qingdao Institute of Chemical Technology (chemical reactor modeling, 1993), the University of Wales (magnetic ink characterization, 1995), and Argonne National Laboratory (fuel processing to make hydrogen, 1999).

I earned BS degrees in both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington (Seattle) in 1977. I obtained a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) in 1984. My academic research projects have covered a broad spectrum of chemical reaction engineering, especially heterogeneous catalysis: chemical reactions during metal casting, dioxin formation during waste incineration, selective synthesis gas reactions, green manufacturing, diffusion in porous media, hydrogen production for fuel cells, and fuel cell electrode reactions. My teaching interests are focused in chemical reaction engineering and experimental methods.

My wife, Lorrie, is an accomplished artist whose paintings are featured in galleries across the Southeast ( My daughter, Elizabeth, graduated as a Fashion major from UA and son, Charles, is a high school student and filmmaker.

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