There are three models to choose from.
•    Solid body electric, hollow body electric and acoustic models
•    The electric models come equipped with active EMG electronics for a growling overdrive, or the sweetest clean sounds around
•    Incredible sustain and playability in a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art
•    All are equipped with Gotoh locking tuners

Australian lap steel player Andrew, who owns an SRS, was instrumental with help and advice during the prototype stage. He features a video on Youtube, showing some of the versatility of this unique instrument. You can watch it here.

Since each SRS is individually crafted, prices vary and generally start in the $700 range for the solid body electric model, $1200 for the hollow body electric model, and $1800 for the acoustic model. They are mostly built to order, but as time allows, Jack will build small inventory of instruments available for purchase on his website.

Inquiries and reservations can be made at