Southern Cross Records

Genres: Bluegrass and country gospel.



Audiostate 55 Entertainment

Henry Panion III has announced the launch of his own record label, Audiostate 55 Entertainment! The label is housed in the Audiostate 55 Recording Studios on 55th Place South in Birmingham’s Woodlawn community and will also contain an educational division devoted exclusively to the development of aspiring artists, engineers, and producers.

The label intends to have a total of seven (7) acts signed initially. According to the label’s press release, its first album is titled Live From Hawaii, featuring gospel artist Tim Miner, Hawaiian recording star Fiji (he’s sold more than 1 million units), and Word of Life Christian Center in Honolulu with praise and worship leaders Kuna and Ashley Sepulveda. Panion made the following statement in a press release on October 30: “It is our hope and prayer that Audiostate 55 Entertainment! will provide a fresh new voice in the music arena, bringing quality positive music to the world, while at the same time providing a vehicle for discovering and training the major talents of tomorrow.”

Source: The Terminal



Bent Rail Foundation

Genres: Aggro Rock, Dixieland, Indie, Punk



Boudica Records 

Established 2011

At Boudicca Records, LLC we are deviating from the standard record label format. The landscape of the music industry is changing and we feel labels should perform as a service for artists. Artists know music but artists sometimes aren't so great at promoting themselves and furthermore getting down into the nuts and bolts of copyright law and the like is pretty intimidating. That's where we come in. We sincerely want to help you reach your goals and we don't think we should get paid tons of money to do it. We provide a service to you at about the same percentage as you would pay a personal manager. We provide you with sound advice and we pay for promotions. You own your own music.If you don’t make money, we don't make money. It’s that simple. If you aren’t happy with us you can leave at any time (with reasonable notice).

With us, it is one stop shopping, get a personal manager, promoter, performance analyst and assistant in one place. We want to form a partnership with our artists to help them be the best they can be. A standard record label will take 90% of your income, we simply don't do that. We will work with you to make sure we are all making solid business decisions and maximizing our net return as partners in your career. Your success is our success. We will work with you to maximize your income opportunities from gigs to getting your music in commercials and everything in between.


Business contact – Elizabeth Morris
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Skybucket Records

Birmingham, Alabama's Skybucket Records formed in the summer 2002 to release a CD sampler of local music. After the success of that initial release, Skybucket continued to grow, concentrating on signing local musicians and independently releasing their recordings. In 2006 came the first signing of an artist outside the state of Alabama.

Nearly five years after that first compilation, Skybucket Records has over twenty releases under its belt, with more planned for 2008. Thanks to considerable local, regional and national attention, Skybucket is expanding and reaching wider audiences.

Skybucket Records is an independent recording label with respect for both music as an art form, and the musicians who create it. More concerned with artistic growth and musical exposure than commercial success (though that would be nice), Skybucket is growing rapidly, promoting talented artists without compromising artistic vision.

Skybucket releases have received great national attention from Pitchfork, Mojo, Magnet, Spin, Paste, HARP, Uncut, No Depression, Elle, Zinc, Skyscraper, The Big Takeover, Pop Culture Press, Performing Songwriter, Copper Press, Exclaim, All Music Guide, PopMatters, and many many more...



Sound Mindz

Sound Mindz Entertainment is an independent company, started in 2001, it is based out of Birmingham, Alabama. Sound Mindz works with artists with music in genres of Southern Soul, Blues, Gospel, and R&B.

Sound Mindz and it's family of artists work closely together to bring to the entertainment industry music that is love by many world-wide. Sound Mindz executives and staff have many years of experience in the entertainment industry and business, so they are working hard to bring even better music to people everywhere. Music that will last a life time for young and old.



TransMuseq Records

Genre: Experimental/improvisational



Whoop It Up!

Features old-time string band music by Alabama musicians.  Genres: Acoustic, Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Hillbilly

Artists: Red Mountain White Trash, Flying Jenny


Playroom Records

Playroom Record's vision is to touch the hearts, minds, and emotions of listening audiences worldwide through the power of music entertainment.

We strive to create music that will still be a part of our lives, 10, 20, and even 50 years from now. Our goal is to cultivate talented musicians and release music that is both moving and 'enjoyable'.

Playroom will continue to seek out and embrace artists who posses the talent, vision, and passion to create something new and timeless. To be successful in this industry, it will take sacrifice beyond what the average person will ever be able to give. Many are called, but few are chosen.



Hackberry Records

The Hackberry Recording Company was started by Reed Watson in 2006 in an effort to lend credibility to the initial release from The National Trust, a band he played drums in. Through a grassroots effort (and excellent artists), the label has grown from a local curiosity to a burgeoning independent. To date, the label has seen downloads of their material from all over the United States, as well as over 50 countries worldwide. After starting the label in their hometown of Tuscaloosa, AL, Hackberry moved it's primary label operations to the historic Shoals area of Northwest Alabama in 2011.



MMG Records

Worldwide promoter of country music. Genres: Alt.Country, Bluegrass, Country, Easy Listening



Rockin' Camel Records

Artists: * Capricorn Rhythm Section * Jimmy Hall * Kenny Acosta * Toy Shop * Danny Brooks * Johnny Barbato & The Lucky Doggs * Microwave Dave & The Nukes



Pitchcadet Records



Slow Motion Soundz is an entertainment research and development company based out of Huntsville, Alabama. It was co-founded by Cory Parham and Codie Gopher in 1999, with focus on the quality of sound, audio and visual recording and multi-media as a means to ensure excellence at all stages of production. Their creative vision was grounded in commercial acumen, and so the goal was not only to create the product but to market and sell it as well. Now, after 11 years of hard work, the company is ready to enter a new stage in its evolution. By utilizing crisp sound techniques, cohesive business relations, and a fondness of an ever changing internet market, Slow Motion Soundz is gearing up for the run of a lifetime.

In the early years it was hard to anticipate the impact Slow Motion Soundz would have in the entertainment world. When it comes to the Huntsville area, Slow Motion Soundz mirrors the industry the city is best known for, research and development. Huntsville is known for being one of the best cities to start a business and the success of Slow Motion Soundz is evidence to just that. The company has been featured in the New York Times, Village Voice, The Fader, and NPR via both print and web articles. In 2004 the company was featured on BET alongside Grammy winning artist T.I. Recently Slow Motion has moved into the area of film, licensing their songs for use in major motion pictures and planning documentary development for the near future. Even with those notable names and accolades under its belt, the brand of Slow Motion Soundz is able to stand alone or hold weight in a partnership to make any endeavor placed in front of them a great situation for all parties involved. Due to this success the relationship between the company and its city of origin has become circular - SMS is now a strong reason behind the Huntsville music scene's dealings with Universal, E1, and other major label entities.

In 2005 the company was cultivating two new entities under the SMS umbrella, the production team called Block Beattaz and the rap group called G-Side. These two bookends became the face and the legs of the Slow Motion concept. The Block Beattaz has become one of the most sought after production teams in music today. Producing for popular artists like Mike Posner and Freddie Gibbs, the Block Beattaz sound stands alone independent of the industry standard. G-Side was originally last on a roster of over twenty rappers who were trying to be a part of the SMS brand. However when in the course of a particular business transaction the Slow Motion Soundz leaders moved away from the table after declining the terms of engagement, members of G-Side were the only ones to follow suite. It was at this point that the entities of G-Side and Block Beattaz became interlocked. Over the course of the next three years they prepared and delivered three globally respected albums, all developed and presented through SMS. Their combined efforts propelled the brand to overseas markets such as Norway, United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Japan. And witnessing first hand the positive reception that their work has enjoyed across the world has led Slow Motion Soundz to now.

The now is new, it's fresh, it a starting place all from a point of ending. The home is now located at the Speed of Sound Research and Development facility in beautiful Huntsville, Alabama. The new facility is equipped to handle most of your multi-media or entertainment needs. As the company has found a new respect for its independence, good business is always welcomed. For those of you new to the brand and to those that have been around for a while, stay tuned. We are on the road to ONE!



Integrity Media is a privately held media communications company that produces, publishes and distributes Christian music and related materials that are sold throughout the United States and in over 160 other countries.

Its corporate offices are located in Mobile, Alabama, with subsidiary offices in Tennessee and three foreign offices located in Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Originally founded as a direct-to-consumer music club in 1987, the company grew into one of Christian music’s biggest success stories and in the process helped ignite the widespread popularity of contemporary praise and worship music.

In 2002, Integrity changed its corporate identity from Integrity Music to Integrity Media to better reflect its growth and development. That same year, Integrity purchased the Nashville-based label INO Records, home to artists MercyMe, Sara Groves, Skillet and The Afters among others.  This added greatly to Integrity’s artist roster, which today includes Kari Jobe, Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche, Jonathan Nelson, John Mark McMillan and the GRAMMY Award-winning Israel and New Breed.

Together, Integrity Music and INO Records are the top independent labels in the Christian music marketplace. Their strong retail presence is due to distribution in both the Christian market through Provident-Integrity Distribution and the mainstream market through Columbia/Sony Music Entertainment.



Vertical Music

Genres: Christian



BLU SMOKE, a record label that was designed to introduce the world to the diverse artistic abilities, of writers, producers, rappers, & singers, from the state of ALABAMA, is on a steady path to success.

The primary focus of BLU SMOKE is to dispel the insane notion that there isn't any true talent in the south, especially in ALABAMA. We are not satisfied with releasing music that has been heard a thousand times before. The development of new concepts, and new sounds, is key to our advancement. Other labels may revel in just being "THUG" or "GANGSTA", while we celebrate all facets of urban culture. We concentrate on politics, urban advancement, relationships, sexuality, sensuality, religion, and yes of course partying and having a good time!




The purpose of CaseQuarter is to document and make available all manner of obscure, eccentric and original sacred and spiritual music of the Southern U.S.

As ubiquitous and familiar as the blues is in the minds of music listeners, the sacred sister of the blues, gospel, hovers on the edges - ambiguous, overlooked and unknown to many. Over the years, the juke joints have all but disappeared. The churches remain. CaseQuarter Records, based in Montgomery, Alabama, will make accessible contemporary and historical gospel and sacred recordings, both commercial and informal.

Sacred music in the South is not just confined to churches, but informs the outlook of many idiosyncratic and original artists who follow their own particular and unique visions and callings. African-American gospel music performed live by male quartets in a style firmly rooted in the immediate post-war years can still be heard on small community based AM radio stations in the South. Since 1970, many older, traditional gospel groups have produced interesting but difficult to find vanity records. Indeed, these recordings, usually much rawer and unpolished than contemporary releases, represent a presence often overlooked or ignored even within the gospel community itself. It is difficult to find an outsider and folk artist who does not draw inspiration from the Bible. Many of these artists are often also musicians in some way and sing songs to accompany or compliment their paintings and sculptures. Since 1970, dozens of small short-lived locally based predominately gospel record labels have sprung up, and then disappeared leaving obscure but often striking recordings behind. Virtually all of these records have never been collected or presented beyond the immediate communities they were originally intended for. These are the kinds of musics that CaseQuarter Records will locate, document and release. Also, CaseQuarter makes a commitment to a respectful, unsensationalistic and unexploitative presentation of these artists and their musics. The liner notes and documentation of each project will be as complete, informative and authoritative as possible. - Kevin Nutt, CaseQuarter

Know Also: CaseQuarter producer Kevin Nutt is a long-time devotee and collector of this profoundly affecting music. His gospel music radio program Sinner’s Crossroads can be heard on WFMU (91.1 fm in NJ/NYC; to the world) on Thursdays 7pm - 8pm E.S.T.



MobbBoss Entertainment LLC

Genres: Freestyle, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap

Artists: * Bama "Tha Ambassordor" * Haitian Jacc * J.Turna * Sniper



Rye Records

In short, Rye's philosophy is to help its artists in every aspect in bettering their career. Be it recording, manufacturing, booking, distribution or promotions. Rye will assist its' artists with the utmost attention and support in helping spread the art of music into the world.

While doing this, Rye Records will develop relationships not only with musicians but also with independent businesses related to music and the cause creating a strong, interdependent community built with honesty and a rightful attitude in the process. Taking nothing away from the artist: what belongs to the artist stays with the artist. Rye does not want what rightfully belongs to the artist. No copyright negotiations here. In fact, the founders of Rye Records, LLC, are all musicians. They understand the importance in keeping their creations.


Muscle Shoals

Muscle Shoals Records

Artists: * James LeBlanc * Russell Smith * The Decoys



Visual Records

This is the future of the Muscle Shoals Sound. Clear Day Services L.L.C East Avalon Recorders / Clear Day Studio Visual Records Company Clear Day Messenger Publishing (ASCAP)

Website: MySpace Page



Barrister Records was founded in 1999 by Wes Laird and Lamar Morris. Being that Wes is an Alabama Trial Lawyer and a barrister is a counsel admitted to plead at the bar and undertake the public trial of causes in an English superior court, Wes and Lamar felt it was an appropriate name for their company since they are undertaking to plead their case for country music to the public.

Wes and Lamar are songwriters and have written together since 1998. Currently, there are three artists signed to the Barrister label, Greg Windham, who has recently placed two singles in the top 50 nationally, Lamar Morris, who is scoring with a hit Wes and Lamar wrote in Europe, "I Can't Help Myself When it Comes to You", and Detroit singer Kristyn Smyth. Wes and Lamar have produced newly released CDs by both Kristyn and Lamar.

In addition to producing and writing for Barrister artists, Wes and Lamar have two publishing companies. Endless Highway is an ASCAP company and Nokyasoxoff publishes for BMI. Lamar and Wes collaborated for Greg's first two hit singles. Lamar was the co-writer of Hank Williams, Jr.'s first number one hit, "Eleven Roses" and has had records recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, Al Martino, Sonny James, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Duncan, Mel Tillis, and many other country music artists.



Acerbic Noise Development.

Born in August of 2004, Acerbic and the sum of it’s parts (read: music-nerds) set out to further advance the margins of intense yet perplexing music while slamming an unexpected fist to the mouth of the worn-out Wal-Mart Wasteland known as the Southeastern part of the United States, by force-feeding culture to the land of agriculture.

Although flying the flag of neither SICKness nor BRUTALity, we still pride ourselves on providing well thought-out and engaging, yet boisterous and unpredictable music stuffs without all the puckered lips, faux-hawks, and Maybeline. While one may wonder what makes us of all people any type of authority on music, style, substance, or artistic law-enforcement, two things are for certain, location isn’t everything and I’m currently dressed like Ziggy Stardust (kids, ask your parents about that one).

The death of nu-metal and “7th stringers” was a welcomed funeral, and left hopes of a reclamation of the “extreme” music scene, which has since been saturated with equally laughable metalcore bands and their prepubescent, poopy-pants angst. That’s not to say that some aren’t good or even great, but there are too many of them that AREN’T, too many that are in it for the wrong rea$on$, too many are back to dumbing down intense music, and too many sound just like 6 other bands who sound just like 6 other bands who look just like 6 other bands that are wearing their sister’s clothing.

Acerbic promises plenty of metal, and maybe even some ‘core - but more importantly Acerbic promises originality, peculiarity, and CD’s that are made from 100% meat-free, organic, never-biodegradable plastic. Not to mention, normal dudes playing abnormal music. Rock stars are for L.A. gutters...


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