Kudzu Records

Rock Record Label  Birmingham, AL

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Vent Records

Blues Record Label Topper Price, Dick's Hat Band Birmingham, AL

Source: Alabama Music Hall of Fame


Woodrich Records was a record label based in Rogersville and Lexington, Alabama in the early 1960s. The labels were blue with silver print. It was owned by Woody Richardson, who did most of the recording in his home studio. It is also possible that some of the songs were recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Sandy Records was a short-lived but very influential independent rock and roll record label established in Mobile, Alabama by Paul DuBose and Johnny Bozeman in early 1957. It launched the careers of many artists such as Ray Sawyer, lead vocalist of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. "Tell Him No" by Travis and Bob became the label's first hit record in 1959.

Subsidiary labels were Orange Records, started in 1959. The artists included Jackie Morningstar, Billy Clark, and the Smith Brothers. Orange records was another subsidiary with a release by Lindburgh Deavers.

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