The Alabama Line Showcase
Hi. A few years ago, my close friends Wayne Mills, Hal Bruni, Tony Brook and I started an organization called "Alabama Line." Our intention was to promote artists, bands and musicians that were from our home state of Alabama. We wanted to gain recognition in the Nashville community for our people. In the entertainment industry, Nashville is one of the top three corporate powerhouse cities for music. Nashville is where record deals (and Stars) are made. Any exposure that an artist/band/musician can get within a corporate music community like Nashville is very hard to come by.

That was the goal for Alabama Line. Promote our artists & friends. As it goes, like-minded people, who think big and have the desire and drive to execute, will produce extraordinary things.

The list of famous people who have either performed (or attended) an Alabama Line show, is long and distinguished.

With a lot of hard work (and the right timing,) Alabama Line has reached a new era and level of entertaining.

In April of 2005, Alabama Line promoted Xaust Media's Timothy White as the show's director. "We have created a show that leaves you wanting more at the end. Although we started this in 2006 we have learned much along the way. The current show includes impeccable artistry and musicianship and it’s a memorable experience for all attendees," says White.

Our first of many of these new shows was held at On The Rocks in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, August 3rd, 2006. It was an instant hit in the Music City!
In March of 2010, music mogul Derek Welsh, took the reins as Host of the Alabama Line showcase. Along with hosting, Derek schedules the show's talent and keeps everything running silky-smooth every Tuesday night.

We are currently going strong every Tuesday night @ Blue Bar on Broadway in Midtown, Nashville, Tennessee. EVERY NIGHT is a GREAT SHOW and 2011 WILL BE EVEN BIGGER & BETTER!!

Ya'll make plans to check it out for yourself and God Bless!

Curt Brewer
Xaust Media


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