The Alabama Music Office (AMO) was founded  to promote Alabama music and musicians. AMO provides Alabama's largest music database which is used as an  information clearinghouse for the Alabama music industry. The AMO serves the Alabama music industry by using its Made in Alabama Referral Network to promote the development of the music industry within the state. AMO also makes the public aware of Alabama's music community.

The Alabama Music Industry Directory, provides thousands of listings of solo artists, bands, studios, musical instrument manufactures and other music-related companies and services.  Our Made in Alabama Referral Network serves as a clearinghouse for music events, radio stations, media and other varied music contacts.

Alabama Music Office is telling the world about Alabama music every day and keeping the Alabama music industry constantly informed of changes in the world of music.

Jerry W. Henry and Sylvia Parker are the lovers of Alabama music who created and maintain the Alabama Music Office website.  If you like the work they are doing please consider making a donation to help keep the site going.

Article:The Alabama Music Office. By Ed Reynolds, Feb. 9 2012, Black & White